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300 AOG - Passover of 2015 - breaking the enslavement & chains of evil trade


The Passover of  2015 - April 3-11 is going to be an exodus which brings out the human souls and identity from the captivity of Kaaba.

During the month of Tevet of 2014 (winter time), the Spirit of the Lord said unto me that the human souls on the earth have been slaves to the love of money and the fear of terror.

And due to this fact, human beings went as far as trading their bodies for the sake of making money.

The business of evil trade, human trafficking, selling of drugs which are dangerous to human health, pedophilia, homosexuality, child abuse, prostitution, corruption, benign envy etc, which is connected and linked to the identity of Lucifer who became Satan is very evident in this type immoral behaviors.

And thus; the passover of 2015 April 3-11 (Spring time) is going to be the passover that will open up the entrance into the spiritual energy of liberty, freedom, salvation, and redemption. 

Passover of 2015 is a time of coming out from the enslavement of the love of money, fear of terror and evil trade.

Get ready for the Passover of 2015!

Because in the celebration of this Passover, supernatural canceling of debts, deliverance from the terror of creditors, terror of terrorists, breaking of the law interest, deliverance from the love of money, prostitution, human trafficking, breaking of the chains of professional boundaries etc, is going to be the effect activated by the Passover of 2015.

Article written by Ap Ngabo Alex

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