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300 Army of Gideon - About us


Apostle Alex Ngabo



 Apostle Jeanette Ngabo

Apostle Ngabo Alex and Apostle Jeanette Ngabo are the trusted stewards and prophetic pioneers of the 300 Army of Gideon.

The 300 army of Gideon is a ministry which was birthed out of desire of wanting to see the people of God excel the limitations an boundaries that stops them from reaching the potential of their spiritual image and prosperity.

God created each and every human being with the ability of a prophetic utterance, being able to speak (to pray) and to design their lives through a prophetic gift (art) of speaking prophetically. 

The ability of Being able to pray prophetically is not limited only to the prophets, but it is for all of those that have learnt how the spirit of prophecy works through the art of prayer.

Apostle Jeanette Ngabo and Apostle Ngabo Alex are mentors, spiritual leaders and prophetic teachers of the 300 Army of Gideon school of prayer warriors.

Welcome to the 300 Army of Gideon school of prayer warriors, where we share, teach and prophetically impart the art of prayer. 


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