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300 Army of Gideon - New Moon

New Moon - A season of prophetic break throughs and answered prayers.

newmoonseason.jpgEvery month, in the beginning of a Hebrew month on God's calendar, we enter into a season called New Moon,


also this same season being a season of answered prayers, spiritual conception and explosion of prophetic insight.


The Lord has prophetically commissioned and commanded us to use this season (the beginning of every Hebrew month on God's calendar called new moon),

as a season of prophesying God's prophetic blessings, vision, favour, plans, and a time of releasing prophetic mantles, and praying with God's people and for God's people.

New moon falls in the evening of the last day (29th or 30th) in every Hebrew month and full Moon in the evening on the 14th day in every Hebrew month.

The Next New Moon Meeting for the 12th month, the month of Adar, will be on the evening of the 10th of February 2013.

Every new moon or every beginning of a Hebrew month on God's calendar, we hold live meetings on the internet,

these new moon live meetings are prophetically designed to activate your spiritual identity, blessings, and prophetic mantle upon your life.


Join us live and be part of a powerful prophetic summit or explosion of prophetic insight, where prophetic mantles are released over people's lives, where the seven attributes of the earth are lit, and where your spiritual dreams and vision becomes a physical reality.

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