What we do:
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What we do - about us - Multi-multi maker space

Multi-media maker space's vision is to Unite the cultural talents of motivation, fashion designers, dance instructors, poetry, IT - script programers, graphic designers, artists, actors, muscians, music producers, photographers, models, beauty saloon owners etc, for the sake of creating a sustainable and prospect community or environment).

Multi-media maker space is a platform utilized by the founders of Conscious lifestyle to maintain, to teach, and to create a sustainable, safe and peaceful community.

Through the cultural activities of dance, art, fashion, web designing, theater, drama, music, fashion, film and movie making etc, we come together with a collective aim of improving and making our community into a better place for all. 

Leadership coaching and training:
We use the multi-media maker space to create new jobs and entrepreneurs via coaching, social innovation, media production, motivation, and cultivating of the human potential into competence

Multi-media maker space: is the art of using positive multi-cultural entertainment, cultural activities as tools of edutainment or education towards our global society.

This platform is also a way of bringing together different people from the different walks of life, so that they may develop, gain knowledge, network, upgrade and work with the things that they are passionate for, and also become social entrepreneurs in within the field of their interests. 

Article written by Ap Ngabo


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