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What we do - Discussion panel

A discussion panel is a platform designed to bring together the different ideas, experiences, talents, potentials and interests into the physical state of uniting via the art of discussing.


The aim of our discussion panels is to inform the participants about the importance of unity, to share ideas, to find positive solutions, to eradicate cultural conflicts and violence in our society, and to motivate the participants so that we may all work towards a collective and positive aim (goal) in our community.

This also includes the art of sharing, caring, taking responsibilities, making decisions, to carry out cultural activities which reflects an image of a positive role model, coming up with solutions which can convert the negative bad habits into positive ones etc...

The art of cultural feasibility study and working towards a sustainable society is very important for us, in fact; that is one of the reasons why our discussion panel was brought into existence.

In simple words; a discussion panel is a platform designed to involve or engage the participants into a network of sharing the frequency of a social cooperative responsibility, so that we may together find solutions to the problems which plagues our society.

Article written by AP Ngabo Alex 

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