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What we do - Open mic


The vision of open mic originates from the commission that Conscious lifestyle operates in.

Due to the negative immoral state (frustration, lack of jobs, crime, low self-esteem, poverty, violence ) which is plaguing Jãrva area where we live, We decided to find out a simple and effective way to call in action those that live, work, and make political decisions over the region. 

Instead of fighting the bad state of Jãrva area with negative criticism, we instead chose to use our multiple cultural values, love for the region, discussed ideas, cultivated solutions to solve our problems. 

The strategic method implemented via Open mic is to use our cultural talents, ideas, stories, and experiences, so that we may reach out, convert, motivate, inspire, cultivate, innovate and make a positive change in our society.

Open mic is platform where people from different ethnic back ground and ages come together to spread a positive energy of motivation, love and inspiration via performance and self expression.


(The one who is performing, acting, telling a story, singing, dancing etc, is doing it with the aim of motivating or stimulating the person who is watching into the state of daring to come on stage so that he/she may also share his his story or talent).

Article written by Ap Ngabo Alex

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